Thursday, December 27, 2012

Azam 2013

Bila hujung2 tahun ni, sana sini orang dok post pasal azam tahun baru. Bagus-bagus, sebab hidup akan sia-sia tanpa arah tuju. Aku? Masih belum decide ape azam tahun baru. Ade la beberapa idea yang agak achievable for the time being.

Azam Short Term (2013)
1 - To pay 1/4 hutang PTPTN
2 - To maintain berat sekitar 52 to 54 KG (kene berusaha lebih ni)
3- Pastikan xde keje yang pending pada hujung minggu
4- To stop being overly paranoid over small issues.
5. To read more books on religion.

Azam Long Term (2023)
1. To have 2 kids by the age of 30
2. To learn how to sew baju kurung
3. To learn all family recipes
4. My own house with gaming/reading room
5. To perform umrah with love ones


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

10 Things I Learn from Kids ^_^

Phewww... jut got back from kids camp. Obviously, I was there not as participants. Mew, I'm getting old in a flash.

Middle Age Crisis alert!

Anyway, I was known for being awkward with kids despite growing up raising Chamy a.k.a Pikachu. Kids are like pure sugar, too much can make you either puke or RIP. Hahahha... But it's always fun when dealing with under-age kids. Imaginative, carefree and awesome... Jeles giler gua.

So, hari ni Iouls akan bercerita tentang 10 pengajaran yang iouls belajar dari kanak2.

1. Peoples with AD, ADD and ADHD will always be the wallflower- Sudah semestinya akan dipulaukan. Well kids, we just have to deal with it for the rest of our lives.

2. Mom is the only human being who can force you to eat your veggies.

3. 2 boys can use the same toilet at one time without getting awkward glance.

4. Cinta monyet is the most adorable phase of life

5. 2 people can fit comfortably on a single bed.

6. Budak lelaki yang berpakaian kemas pasti pemalu

7. saying F-word, then act innocent.

8. Ambitions will always be doctor, teacher, fireman and police.

9. Wearing Nike at the age of 12 is still overly cool.

10. If you're a rich brat, you don't have to move a finger. People will work for you

Meeting in the next few minutes. Chiaoooooo....

Thursday, December 6, 2012

There's no such thing as FREE MEALS

Innalillahiwainnailaihirojiun... Bulan yang ckup mencabar

Proposal x siap2 lagi... Proposal hilang... Silap buat surat

Kereta Eksiden

LCD panel laptop pecah

Tertekan sebab banyak sangat member yang bernikah (sentap)

Tertekan sebab kwan2 dah mula membina keluarga sendiri

Ye la, camne la nak ade BB kalau xde suami kan???

(Over-reacting betol)

Tuhan lebih tahu apa yang mampu aku hadapi. Maybe HE knows that deep inside I'm just another immature woman. I should learn to accept what's has been gifted...

So, let's just raise our hand and praised the almighty Allah SWT