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Apehal aku ni? x bagi salam lagi dah jerit2...


Welcome to this humble blog with less than 20 followers...hmmm. Not much progress since I first started this blog. The only thing I can promise you is that this blog is filled with reality.. no fiction babeh.


Fact 1: Also known as BubbleMe (in the kpop fan cafe), Kakak (i'm the Malcolm of the                 family, bukannya kakak pon)
Fact 2: I'm a total lazy bone...sangat malas berkemas. Messy is good!
Fact 3: Office = stripe shirt + SHINee jeans + plain coloured shawl + bagpack + eyebag
Fact 4: Dino is the first guy who dated me more than 3 months...He's a genius troublemaker who enjoy making me feel like kiddies.
Fact 5: I have ADHD, which explains my wierd out-of-the-world behaviour.
Fact 6: Addicted to reading. Spent nearly 200/month to buy books which obviously consist of comics
Fact 7: I'm a disaster Cook. Tragedi smabal udang masing masih tersemat di hati.
Fact 8: Hate fish...Kecuali yang mahal2 (ayat gedik jap)
Fact 9: Love chicken but hate KFC
Fact 10: Suffering a mystery illness.. Penyakit belon (tibe2 je badan boleh bengkak macam belon) once in a blue moon.
Fact 11: I'm good at welding and doing dirty jobs (cuci longkang, dll)
Fact 12: My greatest weakness: guy with eye smile, dimple, skinny with fair skin. Nerdy hair is a must-have.
Fact 13: My greatest Secret: Wanted to be a nursery teacher
Fact 14: I haven't register as Pengundi for the next election (hate politic)
Fact 15: Addicted to brutal-killing movies but I hate Chucky series (hate horny-ugly-doll)
Fact 16: Saving money to buy a thinkpad & samsung S II (got my samsung s 2 last month)
Fact 17: The Youngest@maknae of the office (some of them think i'm underage)
Fact 18: Love oxygen
Fact 19: I'm not good in any language (including malay and english).. coz i'm not human..hohohooho
Fact 20: love everything that taste & smell like fruits (cherry lipbalm, berry perfume & apple toothpaste)

Aku cuma manusia biasa yang berusaha mengubah nothing jadi something.

Trimas kepada family yang dari kecil mengajar aku jadi fighter 

Life Slogan: "Love is a war, Life is a Battlefield, Pain is Nothing, As we live to Fight"

Trimas ke dua ditujukan kepada kawan2 aku yang x jemu2 melayan kerenah aku yang cepat benor paranoid. Especially TTB yang slalu menjadi Punching Bag aku. Trimas Chingus..

And last but never-ever least, my longtime BF Tuan Kodin yang sanggup dengar bebelan aku walaupon busy mengali minyak. TQ sebab sanggup jadi pakwe tipu2 aku semasa aku single-mingle...Thanks for buying those novels for me!

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