Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MAMA 2011

Anyone dumbfounded by MAMA 2011? I'm raising both of my hands plus my smelly pair of feet on the air.

So, today i'll do some quick review on the event...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Aku Jatuh Chenta Lagi...


I'm officially in love with an underage kid again. My craze for Taemin and Sungjong will be thrown to the nearest drain by now.

My lemon candy p

He's so owhsomely cute. Some say he looks like Justin Bibir... well, he's not. Some say he's equally talented (again, comparing this magnificent kid with JB). Nope, he's more talented.

Jung Sungha, my part-time boyfriend. Can't hire him as full time coz i already have Dino...hehe. He's just 15. Amek SPM pon x lagi.

Beliau sangat pro bermain guitar. Boleh lah anda sume sekodeng video2 beliau. Ini bukan satu propaganda. Ini kisah benar. He started playing guitar at the age of 10 and never took a formal lesson. All he did is watching tutorial without any music sheet. Impressive!

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours (Credit: Youtube)

And mu personal fav - More than word (credit: Youtube)

Please keep in mind that his music is highly addicting... so does his face..hehe

For more breathtaking photo and video : Jung Sungha Official Website [Click]

Movie Review: Sunny (2011)

Hey mortals!

I'm back!!!! Dis you guys have a great week end? Me? It was Owhsome... since I spent most of the time digging for some great movies.

Reminder: Spoiler ahead

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tahniah Kerana Bersuara

Tambah satu lagi event dalam list aku bersuara. Rebel la konon, padahal kecut otak aku dibuatnya. Lepas makan tadi baru la dapat meluahkan ape yang terbuku dalam hati. Penat nak kumpul keberanian nak bercakap dengan orang besar.

Kali ni aku menggunakan pendekatan macam orang dewasa la konon. No drama air mata Nursalina today.

Keputusan? Masih dalam perbincangan memandangkan yang punya kuasa tiada di sini. Ade jugak suara yang memujuk supaya aku bertahan di tempat sekarang.

Dunia oh dunia... kenapa asyik aku yang tersepit?

Adakah aku ini penting atau sekadar insan lebihan yang ditolak ke sana sini? Kalau ikutkan hati nak berhenti jek tapi sape plak nak bayar COCO?

Ape yang penting, aku dah bersuara. Aku tetap aku yang dulu.

Seorang gadis yang suka bersuara walaupon hanya seorang insan kecil yang makan gaji.

Keadilan harus ditegakan. Dengan kuasa bulan, aku akan menghukummu! (ayat selermon)

Kalau ade kerje kosong kat area Melaka yang gaji seribu lebih, boleh contact aku. CV dah siap, tinggal nak print je.

To students out there, jangan ko ingat keje dapat duit ni best. Sangat x best okey... sila la enjoy selagi anda di kolej.


Teen Top - Come Into The World, Transform & Roman [Link]

Teen Top - Come Into The World, Transform & Roman

Album: Come Into The World
Chart Topper: Clap [Link]

Infinite - BTD Japanese (Link)

Infinite, they are back again...(dasi dorawa, dorawa, dorawa). Rise up Inspirit!

Artist: Infinite
SIngle: Before The Dawn (BTD) Japanese Version
Release Date: 19 November 2011
MV: Same as Korean Version
Link: [Click]

Korean Version: [Click]
MV: [Click]

Speak Now or Forever Silence..


It'll be one of the biggest day of my life and my courage today will determine my future. I can't spill the details. Enough said, I'm on the edge.

I've got my transfer letter last friday. Obviously, my career as Engineer has come to dead end. It's hard for me to accept that my hard work to maintain my current designation goes down the drain. Huhu, cry my eyes out. Sedih giler la pulak...

Wish me luck!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dalmatian: Really, Really (Lyric + Link)

Dalmatian, one of my greatest Kpop bias. Blame them for hitting the soft spot of my heart, which is a tall man with a wierd face and creepy smile..wahaha. Inati, you are such a man for me!

Posting a really hot pic on purpose...hehheh

I'm currently attending a course on water management. So, no long entry for now. I just want to share one of my fav Dalmatian's song.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Kenangan UPSR

Morning guys,

Adik sape amek UPSR this year? Tentulah bukan adik saya...hoho. My sister will be sitting for SPM next year and i'm overly anxious. Biasa la, lebih sudu garpu dari nasik.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Upcoming Drama: Full House 2

Ring the alarm babeh...

The drama we have been waiting for will be premiered next year. But my eyes are in a great sore.

Sabah Trip Part 3

Eve frenz,

Feeling overly drowsy today, thanks to the badass flu... arghh, can't even focus on my pending jobs. Anyway, like i promised yesterday.. another post on our TTB Goes To Sabah Trip.

Today it's all about the blue....heheh, the beautiful beaches!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sabah Trip Part 2


It will take me weeks to finish writing about TTB Goes To Sabah trip (korang pon mesti dah bosan). It was fun, exciting and scary (for me). I nearly lost my wallet. As usual, gelabah tahap gaban la aku. Lucky enough, we found it in the van on the next morning.

Some additional pics (first day):


Me in the middle, smiling like a toothpaste CF model

Hey guys, my hand can work like Flash.. I'm a superhero

We are awesome!!! (sentap)

Imitating Apeng's small eyes...

On the second day, our cool tour guides, J and BonBon picked us at 9 am. The original plan is to visit Poring Hot spring and the to Kinabalu Park. On the way to Poring, we stopped at Ranau for shopping... again. The craft items were very much cheaper than in KK. 6 t-shirt for my family, 20 key-chain, multi-purpose mengkuang box and bag for my sister cost me less than RM 100. Cheap, rite? (no pictures were taken since we're too indulged in spending, big spender!)

Then, we headed to Poring. The road was better than I expected, a bit rocky but acceptable. I slept 70%. Another 30% spent on munching Kuih Cincin and fruits. I can't remember the fees for the hot spring and canopy walk since they are included in our travel package. It's saturday, kids were everywhere.

If you are planning to go to Sabah and try the Poring Canopywalk, it is highly recommended for you to start your gym training now. I sweat like a cow the whole process. J said the road we took to the canopy walk is Cap Ayam compared to climbing Mount Kinabalu. Perrggghh, he underestimate the power of TTB.

He's rite.. half of the way, we started shouting and nagged like ahjummas. We devided ourselves to 3 group. The first 2 group did well during the canopy walk but the last group was...errrr, a bit chicken hearted. Their scream was as loud as boiler alarm and I think J suffered excess earwax flow after the trip (he was the last one to walk).

Climbing up the road of success...bueeek

Me, again in the middle... acting like a tiger

Flying kiss to the last group...

Hot spring in a hot day... Gila ke hape? We managed to get 3 private room for our first ever hot spring shower. Each room have 2 bath tub, enough for 4 people and cost Rm 15 each. Again, we are screaming like live chicken on hot pant. Hot spring is good to remove dead skin from your body. No scrub needed.

Selca after a long bath.

Blame us for bathing like a princess. We missed the chance to visit Kinabalu Park as it closed at 3 PM. We went back to the hotel after a short stop at Kundasang Market where my friends brought a local fruit called buah Tarap (i forgot it's name) that taste a bit like durian and jack fruit. Honestly, nothing worst than genetically modified fruits.

Kinabalu Park.....from outside.

After the long trip (6 hours in the car), me and JJong ended up on bed till Isya'. We were supposed to go to Suria KK but ended up at a stall. Thanks to my chipsmore wallet. The food was blehhhhh and the fried rice tasted bad. No luck, i guess.

On my next post, i'll write on our island trip. Terbaik OOO..


Upcoming Movie: Ouran High School

It's my first day at work after a long leave and obviously my mood is: lifeless. So, let's be a lazy employee by blogwalking..heheh

What makes a perfect movie or drama?

A super poplar comic + Most watched Anime + A good write + flower boys = $$$$$$$$$$$

As Malaysians, we grow up watching anime and reading comics. Never? Liar... We are obsessed with Full House, Goong, Hana Kimi and Hana Yori Dango. Let's add another drama in the list:

Ouran High School Host Club
I first watched the anime during my first year in college and instantly fell in love with it's funny storyline and perfectly mould character.

For those who are not familiar with OHSHC franchise, i suggest to skip the comic and go straight to the anime. It offers a much simpler storyline. The drama is two-thumbs up with a great pinch of hotness, except for the twin.

Anyway, Did you guys remember Yamomoto Yusuke ? The ghost-friend from Hana Kimi! He plays Tamaki in the live action Drama and Movie. It was nearly perfect since i was hoping and praying they will pick Kenichi Matsuyama. Wait, Kenichi only acted in high-quality project. So, No comical project in his list.

Anyway, the movie will be premiered somewhere in March 2012. We still have time to do revision by watching the anime and drama ^_^. Maybe I should buy a few boxes of tissue to cover my excessive nosebleed during the premier.

Tamaki, I'll be waiting!

Oh my, he's so cute!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sabah Trip Part 1


I'm back, my friends! Back for good & Hari ni aku nak cerita pasal trip aku dan jugak TTB ke Sabah. Finally, I can see the land Dino lives in (hoho, ko ni bengong la... Dino bukan dok KK pon). Kami bertolak dari rumah pada jam 5 setengah pagi walaupon mengikut rancangan asal kami sepatutnya bertolak pada jam 5. Salah aku jugak sebab layan tengok Running Man sampai pukul 2 pagi. Tiba di LCCT, layan makan hot cake kat MCD sementara menunggu Tiqa dan yang lain.Dorang gi parking kereta kat rumah Tiqa sebab bimbang dengan security kat airport.

Kami tiba di KK pada pukul 10 setengah dengan muka yang dipenuhi air liur basi. Rombongan kami dijemput oleh J (nama beliau susah payah nak, kasi potong) dan jugak Bon. Dorang panggil kami SUMANDAK. Maksudnya, ladies...

Disebabkan masa check-in ialah puluk 2, kami jalan2 kat Filipin Market. Alasan utama, nak beli mutiara. Bukan pearl yang dalam teh tu, ni pearl ori punya.

Harga pearl kat sini memang murah, pilihan pon banyak. Sempat jugak beli gelang tangan untuk Mummy dan jugak kawan2 kat office.

Cuaca baik walaupon panas. So, layan minum air kelapa. Harganya, kalau x silap 3 ringgit.Rase memang terbaik dari ladang. Mana x nya, minum air kelapa tepi laut.

Tak sah kalau datang Sabah x makan seafood. Memang berbaloi. Makan 11 orang tapi bayar 200 je. Lauk penuh semeja. Mesti orang kat situ ingat kitorang x pernah makan seafood.

Muka penat memang x boleh nak cover..hehehe

Lepas dah habis makan, kami jalan2 kat tepi laut. Maka, secara rasminya acara Camwhoring bermula.

Yang bawah ni pulak pertandingan Muka Gary yang dimenangi oleh Tiqa. Hebat betul die buat muka sengal. Tahniah Tiqa. Hadiah die, high resolution feature dalam blog aku.

Ni baru hari pertama. Banyak lagi aku nak cerita tapi sambung esok je la. Banyak lagi kerja nak kena buat.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Project Meng-tag Orang

Slamat siang penghuni tadika himawari,

Today is my last day at work coz i'm heading to Sabah tomorrow. Long weekend ahead. Seperti biasa, kehidupan pagi yang penuh blues bermula dengan bersiar-siaran di blog kawan2. Lalu tersinggah di blog sendiri. Rajin benar si Damea ni meng-tag beta si penulis kelas bahawan ini. Thanks Mea.

Yayyy, Les's start with the ultimate rules of Taggggggg-ing.

First : The Rules.

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post. And create 11 new questions for the people you tagged to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged HIM/HER.
6. No tag back!
7. No stuff in the tagging section about ‘YOU ARE TAGGED IF YOUll ARE READING THIS’ YOU LEGITIMATELY (a.k.a REALLY, TRUST, WILL ALL HONESTLY) have tagged 11 people.

Jap2... nak men-disqualify diri sendiri dengan tidak mengetag orang lain sebab x banyag follower untuk di tag.. Maaf ye Mell.

11 things about this self-claim teenage sweetheart

1. Just like Mell, I'm a total fan of K-world.
2. My fashion sense is down the drain
3. Comics are the best thing mankind ever created.
4. Black and white are my fav colours, along with ruby and mint green.
5. I love eggs with all my heart. Fried, hard boil... love em all.
6. I'm the maknae@lil sis in my office... bothersome!
7. Rarely wear baju kurung to work. X rock la engineer pakai baju kurung.
8. My handwritting is oh-soo-awesome... kalah cakar harimau
9. I'm not good at doing housework..not at all. Sangat membunuh okey.
10. I big fan of Nora Roberts. Pastu asyik paksa orang belikan buku.
11. Sangat benci orang yang isap rokok dalam lift. Sangat x beretika.

Ni pulak soalan dari Damea... Aku copy paste terus. Malas nak taip.

1. what do you think actually about sebabsayadamea.blogspot. ?
- cool blog to keep me updated on the blog owner.
2. do you feel glamour or famous becoming a blogger?
- Nope, not at all. Updating this blog to avoid nagging at home. Kang bebel banyak2 orang tension plak
3. on your opinions, setuju tak harga minyak naik lagi? give reason.
- Tak, sangat tak setuju. Kalau boleh nak isi air sungai dalam tangki.
4. macam mana pulak dengan 6% tax prepaid, is it reasonable for you?
- Tidak... service x elok, ade hati nak tax bagai.
5. when someone mention about Melaka, what's in your mind?
- Mummy and my car, Coco
6. do you prefer to be born as somebody else?
- Nope. Fullstop
7. did you like Siti Nurhaliza?
- Next question please!
8. how about Justin Bieber?
- Nice hair sista! Beiber is a girl right?
9. in your study level now, do you think you want to further study anymore?
- I'm working. Further study in-progress
10. if you wanna get married, you want your mommy find the bride/groom or you find one for becoming your wife/husband?
- Arranged marriage will be great if mummy can find me a hot, calm, sweet, funny, weird doctor.
11. which part do you think is scary about you?
- I enjoy watching serial killer movie.... Sangat syokkk oooo...

Oh cik Damea, apehal susah sanagt soalan anda ini..hehehe. Dah jawab seikhlas hati. Saya xde soalan nak tanye pada sesiapa. (mood sabah dah mari)


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kebengangan Di Hari Raya

Salam Raya Korban semua,

Alhamdulillah, sampai juga aku ke KL dengan selamat. Jumaat lepas aku berjaya meloloskan diri balik awal. Sampai ke rumah mummy pukul 8. Masa tu Mummy sibuk buat kuih tart sebab Mak Cik Timah dari Singapore teringin nak makan.

Tahun ini raya biasa saja. Nenek pon dah xde, masak ala carte je. Tahun ini kami beraya di rumah Mak Kiah sebab anak beliau mengorbankan sekor lembu. Seperti biasa, aku yang takut duduk menyemak kat dapor ibarat ibu2.

Malam tu ade kenduri cukur jambul untuk 2 orang cucu Mak Kiah yang aku x tahu namanya. Don't blame me okeh.. Mummy ade berbelas adik-beradik lalu menjadikan aku hilang arah tuju nak menghafal nama anak sedara sendiri.

Semalam, aku terpaksa pulang ke KL sebab ade projek harus di settlekan. Project yang sangat super annoying iaitu KPI. Dari hari Jumaaat sampai la semalam HP aku x henti2 nak bunyi. Sape la yang Tettt sangat mendermakan no telefon peribadi aku kepada mereka. Pfftttt, sangat bengang.

Bila aku naik bas, ade seorang wanita endon or kemboja dok seat aku. Aku pon tunjuk tiket pastu boleh plak mangkok tu buat x tau. aku sangat bengang. Pak cik bas plak pakat2 buat x tau. Seat yang available hanyalah seat paling blakang. Sakit tulang belakang woooo.

Sampai ke Seremban, aku naik KTM ke labu. Ingatkan naik Coach wanita boleh la duduk, tapi sangkaan ku meleset tahap infinity. Ada lebih kurang 8 orang lelaki dewasa yang terang2 sudah mengalami mimpi kering berada di dalam coach tersebut. Yang paling hampir duduk di hadapan aku. AKu berdiri. Aku cuba buat muka bengang sambil tunjuk ke poster kaler pink kat pintu komuter. Lelaki itu terus buat muka dan tutup mata. Tido..

Siat giler kan????

Lelaki oh lelaki... Apehal la berlagak cam lelaki xde telur rebus ??

Friday, November 4, 2011

Balik Kampong!!!


This moment, rite now... i'm writing this at TB BTS. Alhamdulillah, manage to escape another 4 freakin hours at the office. My boss approve my sudden half-day leave. The last few hous at the office was filled with non-stop phonecalls, asking me things that i have nothing to do with...huhhh.

I'm not the only one who's overly excited about balik kampong. Half of the chairs in my office were empty. My penthouse too. Peah went to Kok Foh, Kak Dell went back to Kedah yesterday. Eli also take half-day off to go to her parents house in Tepen, and of course with her fianceeee (orang dah dirisik kan...).

I was late, no chance for me to reach Melaka by 5. The earliest bus available is at 4.30 pm. soooo, i'll be there by 6.30 pm.Good enough. My family is not involve in doing KORBAN this year. Bukan rezeki kami tahun ni.

Awww, forget to tell u guys. I was googling this morning and was shocked to the fact that application for Pengajian Luar Kampus will be open until 16th November. NAsib baik tak terlepas. Me and JJong will apply for Feb intake.

At last, i'll be a student again....


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kenapa Perlu Bicara Tentang Wang?

Sape dengar HoT EPEM pagi ini. Ye, pasal wanita yang gemar memilih lelaki bergaji tinggi... sangat super sensitif tau issue ni.

I don't see why this matter is becoming a major issue since women have every right to choose their spouse. Betul tak? Bagi aku yang penting ialah saling membantu dan bukannya mengambil kesempatan.

Walaupon isteri bergaji tinggi, menjadi tanggungjawab suami memberi nafkah. Melainkan isteri rela hati nak bagi, bagi aku lelaki memang x patut mintak isteri bayar itu dan ini. Adakah aku sangat kejam... Kalau aku, aku sanggup beli barang dapur guna duit sendiri, tapi kalau bil2 dan juga yuran tuisyen anak2 memang wajib la laki aku bayar. Aku kan memang lemau nak bayar bil ni.

K la, aku nak balik... sakit perut melanda.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kasut Oh Kasut


Sape tengok cerita In Time?? Pada yang dah tengok, korang prasan tak heroin yang bermata besar tanpa eye-bag tu pakai kasut tinggi sambil berlari2. Hebat kan?

Aku memang suka pakai selipar jepun 10 hengget dan juga snickers (ejaan tah hape2). Alasan? sangat senang nak bergerak. Disebabkan kemampuan otak aku x berapa stabil, maka badan aku pon x stabil.

3 minggu lepas masa aku sibuk ngan LSA, Qla tanya aku

"Babe, beli la heels..." fuh, soalan dasat. Dah berapa kali beliau menyarankan aku berhenti beli sandal cap buaya yang mahal itu dan beralih ke penutup kaki mencakar langit.

Aku beli, tapi tinggal kenangan la kasut tu.

Qla sangat gemar ber-high heels walaupon beliau dah cukup tinggi. Kalau disekodeng2, jenama pilihan beliau adalah Charles and Keith. Kemain lagi kan???

Design sangat cantik tapi aku masih belum dapat men-digest kepentingan ber-high heels ni. Kaki aku telah tercedera mase pakai kasut steel toe . X payah la aku nak mencedarakan lagi kaki aku yang macam kaki itik ni.

Kasut Kegemaran Qla (Pic from Google)

Harga kasut memainkan peranan penting terutamanya bila nak show-off kat kawan2. Tapi ni x bermakna kasut yang mahal tu best dipakai. Masa bulan march dulu, Dino bagi aku sepasang ballet-flat berjenama Crocs. Harganya sangat dasyat (Boleh makan 2-3 minggu). Tapi kasut tu berjaya mencederakan kaki aku. Kesannya masih ade lagi.

Setakat ni, jenama yang sedap untuk dipakai ialah

Kasut Keje: Bata, Crocodile
Kasut buat keje jahat: Converse, Everlast
Kasut gi tandas: Selipar Jepun (Tak tahu masuk kategori kasut ke tak)

Aku menyarankan korang beli kasut Everlast atau Converse sebab memang sangat selesa. Nak lari boleh, melompat boleh.. yang paling best, dapat elakkan kejadian terpelecok depan Lengchai hensem..hahaha

Hati Panas...


Another day, another ride... Mode pagi ini adalah kesepian.

Dikala semua kawan2 kat office berkerja di One World, daku masih di sini. Tak payah la aku nak ceritakan ape yang dah jadik sebab sangat terang lagi di spot light.

Apakan daya, nasib diri ini menjadi Engineer buangan...Cubaan untuk berfikiran positif masih diteruskan walaupon hati ini sangat panas.
Baik aku stop buat ayat macam karangan budak sekolah yang x pandai tatabahasa.

Serius aku sangat berhati panas. Dah tahap menggelegak dah ni.
Nak pergi lunch pon x boleh sebab kerja masih menanti untuk disiapkan hari ini juga. Kenapa aku yang kena buat sume ni? Takdir... (Ayat pasrah)

Tetibe plak rindu kat Mummy. Hari ni baru hari Rabu, Jumaat masih jauh.

Sebelum berpisah, sila tengok atas... ala, header tu. Baru buat semalam. Disebabkan busy, x sempat nak buat cun2. Masih memikirkan gambar ape nak letak. Dan pastinya bukan wajah pecah tembok ini..hehehe.