Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Movie Review: Sunny (2011)

Hey mortals!

I'm back!!!! Dis you guys have a great week end? Me? It was Owhsome... since I spent most of the time digging for some great movies.

Reminder: Spoiler ahead

I've been searching for a Korean movie, Sunny for a few months since i first bump to its official trailer. It was fun, zany and emotional... blended in one big pot called Friendship. The movie sets in 1980s where baseball jacket, colourful pants and Nike shoes are must-have.

The movie started by introducing the main character, Nami who's a wife with a teenage daughter and a great husband. She later reunited with her long-lost friend named Chunhwa (CH) at the hospital. With a few months left, CH requested Nami to gather the members all 7 of Sunny to settle their unfinished business which is performing together at the school concert.

3/4 of the movie is flashback scenes on how they became friends. The presence of Nami changed the life of other members, leading to a great war with a SNSD-like group. The princess of the group, Suzy was annoyed by Nami who wat the new centre of attention. The war worsen on the day of their school concert and the great bloody battle damaged Nami's money-maker face. The girls went separate ways but promised to meet again in the future.

(Back to the real non-flashbach year) After a few weeks, Chunhwa finally rest in peace after meeting with 4 Sunny members. Before CH will was announced, another 2 turned-up.The only one still MIA is Suzy. As a token of their friendship, CH leave behind some of her fortune to help her friends.

What happened to Suzy? Watch the movie yourself!

I forgot one tiny detail...hehe. Nami's crush is having an affair with one of her friends! He was amazingly handsome. It's a korean movie... what more can i expect?

Why do i love this movie? It reminds me of TTB.. a lot. The movie offers more than just teenager's issues (Crush, bitches, awfull lunch, etc) in comedic ways.

The characters matched well too...hehe. 2 TTBs will soon become Mrs and there will be major changes in our current lifestyle. No more KaraOKeh, midnight movies, endless shopping and freakin enjoyable trip. T_T

I just wish TTB will stay exactly the same for another 100 years.


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