Thursday, November 17, 2011

Upcoming Drama: Full House 2

Ring the alarm babeh...

The drama we have been waiting for will be premiered next year. But my eyes are in a great sore.

First, lemme introduce the cast... before they were destroyed by FH2 stylist.

No Min Woo. He's one of my fav korean guitarist. So fine... His role as the charming slayer in My GF is a Gumiho is addicting. If i have to choose between him and TOP, I rather go for TOP since TOP is mor sexyeeeh.

Hwang Jung Eum. I dunno much bout her but I watched her in death bell 2. .. I think so. Anyway, i dun have high expectation on her acting in FH2.

Park Ki Woong, the adorable tutor in my tutor friend 2. Having him in FH2 is like having choco on top of my ice-cream. Oww yeahhhh!

Now, let's bring Lady Gaga as their stylist...


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