Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sabah Trip Part 3

Eve frenz,

Feeling overly drowsy today, thanks to the badass flu... arghh, can't even focus on my pending jobs. Anyway, like i promised yesterday.. another post on our TTB Goes To Sabah Trip.

Today it's all about the blue....heheh, the beautiful beaches!
It was a beautiful sunday morning in the great land of Sabah. Sadly, it's our last day there. I was having a morning blues as my wallet was still in hidding.. sangat mengada2.

After breakfast, J and Bon brought us to the jetty. Guess what? the jetty is just nearby.. engine pon x panas lagi. The ride to Manukan island took 15 minutes, by boat. Manukan island was WOW... seriously, the beach are clean and the water is sooo clear. I can even see fishes mating! hoho, pedo..

Beach babeh......
We met a bunch of koreans at the island... ape lagik. Pura2 fasih gila cakap korea. We were shouting "anyeong!!!" and they wave at us... gila ramah betul orang malaysia kan?

Muka yang comel di halang botol Livita

Sleepy... Lean on mai's bumpy back..haha 
We changed to our bikini..heheh and headed to the beach to swim. X kira la panas ke, kering ke.. tetap nak terjun juga. Snorkeling was easier than i thought, since we were given safety vest. Ade macam ikan...nemo, buntal, belut elektrik, todak, pirana...heheh mengarut. Tapi agak bahaya sebab ade banyak landak laut dan jelly fish.

Amekaw... Xmandi punya budak!

 Revenge of the sixth...?
After a long session of rolling in the deep (sila nyanyi lagu Rolling in the deep sbg background), went to Mamutik island for our BBQ lunch.

Owh My, scary face on the left...

Why on earth I'm hunching?

After changing to our casual clothes, we headed back to the hotel for some rest before flying back to KL. Haha, ktorang satu flight dengan Rashdan Baba? Dunno he he is? He is one of the actors in local family dramas.. ala, yang dulu tayang kat RTM tu. Cuba tanya mak korang...

Last goodbye to J and BonBon

 I'm a pro at making ugly faces...

No camera please!!!
We reached KL at 12 am.. tepat and we spent our monday lying on bed like babies.. I'll be posting more pics in the next post....say CHEESE~


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