Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Suprise

The best way to vamp up my new year is to get myself tangled in controversy.

A few year ago, I tweeted something that created wild ideas among my chingus

"It's wierd... saying this for the first time. "I'm saving for my wedding"..bla..bla

And they thought that I'll be having a short-gun/fast-track wedding.

Hahhaha... Amin.

We (me and dindongie) are serious to the max about our relationship and for the time being, we do feel the pressure of  being long time ice-age campus-co-worker couple. Wedding is a small part of marriage... the major parts are what WE have to work the next few years.

There's a lot at stake: our career, our family and our personal goal.

He's still considering on going back to school. Me? I don't think I have time for that....

and we both still enjoying our single life... I can travel around without worries and he can watch anime without having someone snoring next to him.

Do pray for us ^_^

Have a blessed year, everyone.