Thursday, August 2, 2012

Puasa dan Kad Kawen

Haaa... Nampak x nama kat kad atas ni. Cik Eli is getting married which automatically means I have to prepare 2 more ang pow raya next year ^_^. Bydeway, majlis dorang nanti masa raya. Wajib la jalan raya sambil makan nasik minyak hee.. Shoving to bowl of rice at 1 time. 

and...... I guess it's no longer a keep-you-mouth-shut secret that my elder brother is getting married in a few months, during hari raya korban. His soon-to-be yeobo is a few years younger than me #middle age crisis#. Should I call her big sister as per mommy's request. Man... another family drama.

My house is a mess in-progress due to the festive combo (Raya + Wedding) and we still have not finish re-painting the walls and sewing curtains. I can't do much since I'm sooo busy with office works. I'm not kidding! Extremely busy that I couldn't find spare time to cut my hair.

Looks like the next few months will be filled with joy ^_^ and of course, FREE FOOD


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