Monday, October 22, 2012

October Updates

Dear Readers,

Please smack my head for being super lazy for the past few weeks. It's totally unintentional but still, I'm sorry.

Anyway, I'll get busier in the next few days (my gege's wedding and Raya Korban). So, just short updates on my life..

Ps: Macam la interesting sangat kan...

1. Updates on our TTB Goes To Hong Kong is still pending due to my hectic schedule and poor broadband connection.

2. I'm officially a year older than I am last month. Yep, I'm 23 years old. Quite young ^_^

3. Spent the last 2 weeks on road + Hotel. Mountain of dirty clothes to be washed.

4. Successfully wore high heels for more than an hour

5. Cough.... huk..huk

6. My Dell charger was nowhere to be found... Mahal betol

and last but not least....

Happy Anniversary Dindongie

my boyfriend the most awesome example of Zero-mushiness-romantica type of man. He said what he wants wherever he wants. In a nutshell, he's just too honest and blunt.

Since he's an anti - FBTWITTERGOOGLEMAIL, the best way to talk behind his back is to do it in my blog. Trust me, he will never ever read my blog. Masyaallah, that's just unbelievable.

Dear Awesome,

I once met you as the silent-guy from the 3 bujang lapok and I wonder "Apsal la mamat ni mulut berat sangat".

At that time, I have no idea that one day we might become friends. Apatah lagi nak berchenta.I'm sorry for being impatient enough that I started dating someone you know... Cerita lama.

When I first saw you at THAT PLACE, I was shocked. It was a miracle...

I was uncertain at that time. Thinking "Should I sms you first".

I hate you for making me take the first step.

I'm sorry that we have to be apart for almost 2 years but that period has strengthen our frantic relationship.

I knew that I gave you so much trouble every other days without concerning your unstable health. This cute little GF promise taht she will do better. Don't be so strict at all time coz you angry face is totally tempting. Muahahah...

3 Years in a speed of light.... I appreciate every nano second of it.

I know that i have been a bit pushy about our progress but like what you always said "God knows when we'll be ready". Let's just take one small step at a time. But make sure you have draft the most outrageous proposal ever ^_^ for example, Bungee Jump with a 4 carat diamond ring.

Look forward to spend another century with you.

Babe, You owe me my delayed Birthday Gift... Books will not accepted this time.


Your bipolar girlfriend - HME

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