Thursday, May 17, 2012

Berjimba di Langkawi

Evening humans! I'm here to rule... to become your king

Errr, just kidding.....

The viz reason why i'm still writing despite HIATUS-ing myself is to blog on my Langkawi trip. Sorry for not announcing it through FB because I was afraid that my friends will bombard me with DAIM request. Man, I still find DAIM not appetizing...buekkk.

I went there not for fun but to work. Fortunately, in a fun way. Together with R&D team, we depart from office at 10.30 pm and spend 6 hours snoring in the bus while some enjoy watching Final Destination. We reached Kuala Perlis a few minutes before Azan subuh and have our breakfast. yes... No morning bath!

Haha... Proud of my morning-hamster face

Due to long holiday (weekend+Labour day), the jetty was packed with mothers who aimed to snatch away the stock of periuk and mangkuk. Then, we depart for langkawi island. Right after arrival, we went for island hoping. The package was similar with the one TTB took during our trip a few years back: Peeping eagles, Tasik Dayang Bunting and Pulau Beras Basah.

Top: Azman caught me sleeping during island hopping

Please bear with our sleepy face...

After tiring night and unrefreshing morning, we checked-in and have our lunch at Sheraton Langkawi. The thing that bother me the most is the layout of the rooms. We need to ride the hotel bus/lorry vehicle to our room. We were given 2 hours to shower and to put our track-suit on. Yay, it's time for some ridiculous games: Sponge and Bottle, classic candy in flour, catching water balloons, egg throwing rally, tug of war and roll the dice.

During the first game, my team was disqualified due to the usage of cone (used as boarder marker)... Well, the game itself has no rules. But at the end, we won! It was surprising that we won 2 tug of war games as we were labelled as the cutie-sized team. Well, good things do come in small packages.


We spent the next morning building our bond with the help of OBS team. It was so much fun as the game trigger our hidden talent: Screaming, poking, tie-ing knots, weightlifting and bla..bla..blaa...

After abusing our muscle to the max, it's time for delicious dinner and prize giving. Everyone was excited as the prizes were all brought from IKEA. My aim was the Pan and beautiful teko..hehe.. domestic queen. Guess what? I won... BOTH

Nothing beats my I-Won face

Showing-off what we got

The trip was indeed tiring but it's worth it.....Langkawi is the best place for mothers to shop. I did buy 4 flower-printed botol Kuih Raya for my mom because they were freaking heavy.. Sorry mom.

Till then... Bubye


Please show your support to SD FC. They will face Kelantan team on saturday. Goodluck OWLS!

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