Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Should I Laugh?: Snoop Dogg Trolls Girls generation

Some said he dissed...

But for me it's just another major issue for delusional KPOP fans or should I say The BIG "S".

I bet their fans were busy vodoo-ing and retweeting to ask for official knee-on-the-floor apologise which is soooo irrelevant.

again delusional...

If we go through Snoop Dogs' tweet in the most sort-of-innocent ways:

Owh... He found this pic in the net while having evening tea when he realize there's no cookie for him to munch

but if we look at it though pervy-teen-with hormone eyes:

OMG, that guy is talking about our innocent unnies not having ass! He is rude! Unnies are angles who work hard to be the most talented girl group ever.

If you don't want to be harassed, stop provoking!

A few advise to avoid horny man fapping or dissing our girly assets:

1. Don't wear short skirts
2. Don't wear mini skirts
3. Don't wear dresses with up-to-crotch slit
4. Don't wear hot pants
5. Don't do fap dance.

Sigh.....Don't you girl heard of these?

Chocolate Abs

Sausage lips

honey thigh

Hehe, Gotcha!

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