Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm Blunt... Obviously

Good day, fellow mortals!

I'm having a laid-back week at the office as year-end review period has ended. Pheww... So, back to bloging routine.

Checked new comments yesterday and found a comment which serves as a reply to my comment in Antikpopfangirl blog. I wrote: Something about Jessica having a seriously stiff face.

That SONES was being overly protective and started cursing me, saying that I'm butt ugly.

What I don't understand is why is she being offended by my personal review??? Man, I didn't force her like celebs I adore.... 


She thought that I'm an antifan just because I followed that blog. Hey girl, read my blog tittle! If I hate KPOP that much, I won't have Kris and Kyumin as my header. We all know that KPOP world is loaded with cute-girls/handsome noona-boys but not all have real talents.

Let's just face the fact that I'm blunt especially when it comes to reality.... Yes, I'm ugly and I never once said in this blog that I'm adorable, cute or whatever. Not to forget, I'm proud of my dumpling eyebags.

And I don't care if their avid fans will rip off my FT Island T-shirt, my TVXQ posters or step on my Rain CD.... I'll write and say and shout what I want, wherever I want. Afterall, this is my blog.


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