Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hong Kong Trip Part 1

Dah berbulan berlalu, satu gambar pon aku x upload. Pemalas tahap sungguh daku. Anyway, not much to say. Just enjoy the pics ^_^

Day 1 & 2 : Malaysia - Shen Zhen - Hong Kong - Disneyland

Girls on Board

As mentioned before, it was our first oversea outing and to be honest HK was not the best choice cuz we don't speak their language ad we have little survivor skills.

Tips1: Pre-order your food if you are travelling by low-cost airlines.

Taking Subway

Tips 2: The train station map can be a bit confusing for those who can't read pingyin. Boleh mintak tolong kat officer kat kaunter tiket or tanya je orang kat money changer.

Lost in the new world

Tips 3: Keep an empty bottle for your personal use @ business especially for muslim. Toilet depa xde pipe air or bidet. Just tissue.

Filling the empty tanks

Tips 4: Play safe. Since finding certified halal food was soooo difficult, we end up eating "safe" food. No meat, go green. Luckily the serve nestle yoghurt with english label ^_^. Xla rase was-was.

Ready To Play

Tips 5: Pakai pakaian yang sesuai denga musim. Cuaca kat HK agak panas pada bulan september. Boleh la pakai baju lengan panjang yang nipis, jeans and shoes. Avoid wearing sandals sebab Disneyland sangat gabak.

Just read the map

Tips 6: Read the show time section and make sure you are at the right place at the right time. Don't forget the meet-the-character schedule and the daily parade.

Tips 7: Get in line early to avoid heartbreak. The character will be at their station for around 15 minutes only. You can skip the station if you want to.

TBC... Dindongie dah menyeru ^_^

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