Monday, January 16, 2012

FT Island Live In Malaysia: Play!

I'm back!!!

And today, i'm still smiling like an idiot. Thanks to FT ISLAND LIVE IN MALAYSIA concert last sunday. I was so eager to go that I even made DIY FT Island fan.Sangat berguna sebab stadium kurang berangin.

It's ugleyyyy... I know

We left home at 7.40pm with hope to arrive at the stadium on time but we LOST. Yep, we were so close to the venue but we lost.We kept on turning to the left (like Beyonce said: to the left... to the left) and the stadium is actually at the right side. The GPS was not helpful at all. Thanks to Eli for helping us through the phone.

With all the money we have left (after bayar sewa rumah and all), we only manage to get the free-seating area. Datang lambat, wajib la spot x best. It was ok.. At least I can see my beloved leader. Man, he's so damn fine..

We missed the first 30 minutes and I'm not sure what songs they sang. If they sang After Love, i'll strangle myself with my RM 10 shawl. 

Berani-mati tunjuk muka bare dalam blog.. sangat x comel T_T

 Pic taken by Ayu. Please visit her blog here for better pics.

See... I told ya. She got better pics for us to droll over!

SkullHong rocking the stage

Fans were screaming like crazeyyy... yep, we were all chanting their names. Dell keep on muttering "Hongki...Hongki". It was crystal clear that 90% of my intention is to watch Leader-nim and his guitars. For the first time in my life, I was crying over a guitarist.

Hongki's ability to sing live worth a standing ovation from me. His Interactions with fans were awesome.Plus, He looks like a kid with handful of lollies in stage, so hyper.

Jaejin successfully hit my soft-spot which is cute-dongsaeng-in-action style. He was wearing chequered shirt and I was struggling hard to cover-up my nosebleed.

Watching Seunghyun on stage reminds me of Wonbin, a lot. I love both of them especially when they rap... Talking bout sexy voice here!

And who can resist lil Minhwan charm. Ngeee.. his hand was moving in the speed of light. Plus, he was extremely adorable in the video shown during the break.

And last but most anticipated Mr. Leader-nim Jonghun (WOHOOOOO!!!!) Wahhhh, he has so freakin' tall and hawt. He kinda remind me of Shin-gun ^_^. Can't stop acting like a lovesick fangirl.

Seee, told ya he's handsome. I just wish I can squeeze him into miniature Ken and put him on my office table..hahahah.

 Acoustic session

Wave of yellow light...

Saying goodbye T_T

I was crying non-stop watching then waving at us

Sayonara... my love!

It was the best year-opening event in my life and i enjoyed every moment and cents I spent just to get a glimpse of my fav band. I'll be at the rock zone next time. It's a promise.

It's awesome to have another Prim in the house!!!! Welcome to the club Cik Dello...


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