Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Own K-Drama Award - Part 1

Today, it's all about "The Best"

1. The Best Ending - Baby Face Beauty

This what you call a Dem great ending. After facing health issue, bitchy rival and a bothersome father, this couple finally have a happy ending. Not to forget they have a cute baby.

2. Best Cameo - BJY in Secret Garden

A minute can change the feeling of a drama. She nearly cause my liver to burst when i saw her dancing with OSKA..Hahah, old idol.

3. Best family Family Drama - Wonderful Life

Combine a charming actor, a hot former idol and one super cute lil girl and Tadaaaa... a wonderful family drama.

4. Best Ahjumma Drama - Smile Donghae

When moms trying to have sum fun after a hectic day, they turn to their best partner. Which is ahjumma Drama. Thanks to a great storyline, this drama is a gold medallist. A big hand to Anna for an awesome acting (especially her 90 degree bow).

5. Best Dramatic Drama - Baker King

Hot bread + Hot Guys + Mama Drama + gallons of fake tears = Must watch drama

6. Best Horror Drama@Movie - Death Bell Series

Due to limited choice, i included movies in this category. It's a bloody fight between Tale of Two Sisters & DB..but Death Bell bribe me with my oh-so-awesome Tak Gu & Yejung Sunbae. After all, good looking guy is all i need.

7. Best Cinderella Drama - Super Rookie.

My first pick is Goong but i changed it. Shin Chae Kyung is still a princess in her family even if she never met Shin, so she's doesn't fit for cinderella's shoes. Kang Ho in the other hand start out as a jobless sexy guy who later become a greate employee, Thanks to some stupid database.

8. Best OST - K.Will- Love is Punishment(Brilliant Legacy)

"love is Punishment" is one of the greatest Drama track ever...

9. Best Idol Actor - Lee Seung Gi

Smile Seunggi! coz your smile is a true money maker. He showed me a glimpse of his OTT acting in his My Girl MV and proved that he's not just another great face when he turned into a spoilt brat in Brilliant Legacy and an inspiring young actor in Gumiho. (man, i love his wide smile!)

10. Best Cry Baby

Final match between Junki (My girl) and Samdong (Dream High). Since Samdong looks more sincere, he won my heart. He made me believed that he really have hearing problem and he was about to loose a freakin' rebelious girlfirend. (crying man = sexy man)

Jaejoong once quoted - Man only cry 3 times: at birth, when they break up with their gf, and when manager hyung doesn't buy food.

--------------------- Coming Up: Part II


  1. ade jugak cite yg aq tak tengok lg..
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  2. ehhh kau ni mieza. aku rasa aku pulak yang parah. so, next time kau balik melaka, angkut sume cerita ini. aku nak !! ASAP. hahahahah !

  3. Aku dah penuh 1 tera citer jepon+korea+Taiwan...kalo ko nak, thailand pon ade...