Thursday, September 29, 2011

Me not your freakin Punching Bag

Morning everyone,

Another dull morning at the hellopis. Man, when will thigs get better?

Mood right now? Pissed!

This morning was loaded with calls from people who were not happy with thier CHING$$.. and yet, they blame me like I'm the one who's responsible for stamping their red,green or whatever colour notes. (dalam bahasa kasarnye: kamu ingat saya ni cop duit ke?)

When I told them they have to consult with another department, they said:

" Korang kan satu company... xleh check ke?"

Can someone tell them the meaning of procedures?
It wasn't as easy as pushing buttons... I have to call, make formal report, wait for a few hours, sigh, refresh e-mail for a thousand times & then get the freakin Q answered.


This reminds me of my epic fight with Dino a few weeks ago. I was depressed and started nagging to release my OTT anger. Pastu Dino cakap:

" Saye ni bukan tempat lepas marah"

He's right...

Patut ke aku marah balik orang yang marah aku x tentu pasal. Let them taste their own meds???

Let me stop here for now.


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