Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MV Snapshot: Beautiful Target by B1A4

Morning, humans!

What do you think about my new header? There it is, the one with winking cute guy... With the last day of Eid is getting closer, I thought it's time to shove the ketupat aside and settle with something more tummy-soothing.

Moving on, B1A4 new MV is out (Yahooo!). For those who are not familiar with this awesome group, let me sum up in one sentence:

“They are the most awesome rookie of the year with comical image and great sense of humor, all contained in 5 cute vessels that I just wish I can keep in my pocket forever”


Here are the screenshots form their 3rd MV (plus crappy description by me)

Jinyoung, the leader was busy with his no-name experiment
in his lab

His friends came over...& suddenly, KABOOOM!

Jinyoung finally opened the door..(After Sandeul non-stop prayer)

It turns out that Jinyoung managed to teleport a cute girl with his bombastic experiment

The girl become the talk of the town

Even rabbit-teeth pilot adores her

The weird couple having a date, in front of a HOTEL
(I hope they are not minor)

Jin moved closer and their hands touched
Awhhh, so sweet!

Their skinship ignited a fire....

The event hit local news and Jinyoung was named the culprit

Jinyoung: This is impossible

Then, the ambulance arrived...

Together with baby-faced fireman

The paramedic was eager to help the girl
who obviously not hurt at all

Sandeul: I'm a paramedic, not a pedo

They even have live broadcast from the scene..
by another dorky-haired reporter

Instead of reporting on the progress, the reporter spent time
flirting with the girl-from-nowhere

Jinyoung was brought to court for judgement
by the mentally unstable Sandeul

I'm not guilty! I only touch her finger...

The lawyer, jury and judge blame Jinyoung for starting a fire

and To celebrate Jinyoung conviction, the police do their

Jinyoung begged only to be rejected

With Jinyoung behind the bar, it's time to snatched his girlfriend

Poor Jinyoungie is now a member of prison break!

What I like:

1- The MV is filled with humour from head to toe.. (plus Baro's comical act)

2- Great cameo

3- Tiger print sweater

4- Funny Engrish pronounciation: Zoom = Joom, Rocket = Loket

5- Jinyoungie & Sandeul voice (as usual)

What I hate...

1. Non-stop auto-tune

2. Jinyoungie's skinship with that girl (envy...)

3. CNU's hair... I just wish he chopped it before this comeback

4. Gongchan in Cnu's glasses

5. I the fact that this song is addictive..T_T

I'm having a hard time at the office lately, causing me to nag like an old lady. Still, I don't want to spread this moody virus to my readers and that's why I decided not to write bout my daily life.

Hope you enjoy the snapshot!


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