Thursday, March 1, 2012

200 Post, 20 Followers... Trimas Everyone

Hari ni hari yang sangat best kerana post hari ni ialah post ke-200 bagi blog aku yang hidup-segan-mati-x-ready lagi ni... Clap...clap

To celebrate, let me give u a big kisss! Lolll...Loll

This blog is my only reason to subsribe to abroadband plan. Yet, I nearly flushed it down the toilet bowl a few years back but I didn't. I love it sooo much that I keep on posting even though I only have less than 100 followers.

This blog is actually a jounal for the future me...I dunno what will happen to me in the future. Even when I become nenek, I will be able to track back old memories through this blog. Deep down, I wish there's something in my blog that help others too. Insyaallah, I'll stop cursing in this blog. Dah tua dah pon.


Last but not least... the news that I already said a thousand times.

Yep, We're moving Tonight....Tonight..Tonight..
(sila nyanyi macam chorus lagu Big Bang)

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