Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Things that I hate: Income Tax

I'm still busy.... Awesomely busy, not in a good way. Feels trying to park a trailer at kelisa-sized parking lot. I just wish I'm invisible...for now.

Anyway, It's time to curse again as I saw 2 piece of paper on my desk. I received approximately 5 envelopes a day but whenever I saw grey abnormal envelope I know it will give me hell. That 2 piece of hell is absolutely my worst enemy. 


I worked hard for the past two years and worth every cents of my salary. I hate it when some one asked me more than i could offer. Not sure the correct amount of tax I need to pay... Maybe around 20% of my total income.

Last year I was exempted because I worked for less than a year. Man, I have no where to run anymore.

Google: Pengecualian cukai
Found: Cara dapat pengecualian cukai.

I have discovered a few easy ways to reduce my income tax:

- Buy books
- Subscribe to broadband plan
- Purchase a computer

Done all 3 but the receipts are gone. What the fish!!!!

Guess like I have to pay it all.... Sincere Thanks Kerajaan 1 Malaysia.

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