Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Awareness on Anxiety Disorder

Feeling unwanted or having unwanted feeling ?

Difficulties to make decision?

Easily distracted?

Unusual routines?

Making fuss on such a small thing?

Life has never been good?

Welcome to the AD club, where the norm is not a norm.

Spending my whole life suffering form AD is like a never ending fight. It's not easy to face all those criticism without being hurt.

I can never be in ER since I'm afraid of blood and needle and corpse.

I can't eat KFC even if i'm a chickenista.

I can't eat most fish coz i'm afraid of getting chocked.

I hate waiting at banks coz i'm afraid that the bank will get robbed.

and i'm having panic attack more than once a day.

Some people find me crazy.. or freaky.. or whatever the name it, but i'm just a regular girl. except for my i-can-do-nothing attitude. This AD gave such a big impact in my personal life.

1- Most of my xBF ran away less than 3 months
2- I puke in my roomates car after eating KFC
3- My Bf can't eat KFC when we date
4- I skipped my anual health checkup
5- My teeth got holes!
6- I can't eat ikan rarang nad his friends.
7- I can't wear yellow dress coz i think i look ugliest in yellow (kinda remind me of My Name Is Khan)

I don't need others' mercy..or guilt. I just need understanding.

Don't take it easy, It might happen to any of you relatives sooner or later..^_^

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