Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Blues Seorang Pekerja Opis

Morning2 fellow bloggerz..ZZZZzzz

The worst thing about Monday is to deal with Monday blues.

I woke up this morning with a backache, headache and all aches the dictionary may offer.

My colleague is out of town, so gotta cover up for her... Again, my lappy is showing its full capacity tantrum which is leading to me banging the screan... Should i change my lappy? NOPE, it's still working soundly (the fan's so loud!)

Aku puasa hari ni.. Puase bayar hutang. Nasib baik x termakan cekelat kat atas meja ni. Wah, baru terperasan, meja dah macam pulau kene langgar ikan paus. Jap lagi la kemas.

Lappy buat hal, Lotus Notes pon sama la pulak.. Ape kejadahnye! Inbox langsung xde email.. What the heaven.

Xpasal2 kene guna email orang lain.

Thing is getting out of hand lately. I dunno how long i can handle this. Just wish thing goes well, the way i want. maybe things will get better if i stop complaining. Anyway, goodluck on resisting the urge to complaint!

P/S: i've found the Arabian Night at MPH and it only cost Rm 10.00. Yippie!

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