Monday, April 11, 2011

My Precious Chingu!

This is a story of my BFFFFF who spend most of her time being my chingu. She's someone i looked-up to and cherish with all my heart (most of the time...^_^)

I dun really remember when is the first time we met each other coz we've been friend forever.

When we're in second grade, we sang together.. wearing yellow skirt and we have double ponytail..hehe

We're in every school performances (most of them)...

We're "twin"

We both love to read.. we love comics..we love music.. and we love art.

But we fight most of the time. Beating each other in a war called exam. It's fun to have someone to compete with.. sometimes i won..sometimes i loose.But it's OK. She was never around during highschool coz she's busy with her music activities and I have to cover her up (notes, homework,comics,bla,bla,bla)

We played the same sport too..TKD

What makes me proud about her is that she's living the life i can't have. I always wanted to be a surgeon but i'm so damn afraid of blood,and dead people. Now that she's studying medic, i dun have to live with guilt.

Now, she's taller,prettier, and stronger than me. We're heading to a different road but i'm glad that she's living a great life.

To my precious Tapir Angkasa, I missed you so mush la boo.. U wait till i get my driving license, i'll stick with u like a gum (haha, no more mountain climbing, butt-kicking, so on)

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