Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eve everybody!

Whoever read this blog must be wondering why do I kept on posting even thought i don't have many follower.. And the answer is..

This is virtual world and i have every right to write anything at anytime..Dangg!

Ok, whatever.. last Saturday i went to PWTC book fest with my ever so lovely Unnie, Cik Fariha. So, after a simple maggi lunch both of us headed to the nearest LRT station.

"Can we park here.. we dun even get the entrance ticket!" she wondered. yep, we dun get the ticket since the gate is open wide. The wild-headed me convinced her to park at the parking lot which was clearly labelled with "no parking, Motor only".. heheh, bad me. After doubting.. and doubting.. and chekin'out her car, she gave in to my selamba katak idea.

The fair form LRTKJ to Masjid jamek is around 2 ringgit (i used my Rabbitcard for sure). Once we seated, came an African guy asking "will this LRT stop at KL sental". yeah sure! Then, we switched to Sentul line and landed (hahah) at PWTC.

Wait, Where the heck is PWTC coz i only see mall here. There we're bookworms with bags filled with books around us. I asked one sis, she told me to cross the road. Damn, why do it has to rain like amazon waterfall at such an emergency state. After 15 minutes wondering here and there, we decided to cross the road.

Huh, there it is.. Our first pitstop is the Alaf21 booth. Packed with youngsters and Mak Budak. OMGOMGOMG, Fauziah Ashari! Akak, i really love OMBAK RINDU! Since i buy nothing from that booth, i dun get her autograph..T_T.

After that, we stopped at the directory board so i can fing my Gempakstarz booth. yeah, Found! Giler ramai. What i like about the booth is that they provide you list of stuff the have, gave stabilo pencil and asked you to tick what you want. I bought 3 comics plus a Maid Maiden shirt. Kewl. The even gave me bag with Bannet and Olivia's face. Double kewl.

Damn, i missed the mari-I-kasi-sign session. I was hoping to meet zint, Keith and Kaoru. Aghhh, no luck.

after satisfying my otaku sense, we moves to the fajar parkeer booth. The land of never ending love story. I finally met the author of prince charming and asked her to sign her second book. Cik Fariha said she's looking for a novel called M.A.I.D. The novel was one of the most viewed novel in Penulisan2u.

"Bang, Maid ade?" since we couldn't find the book, we get help from the promoter.

"maid habis, tengah ambik stock..7.30 sampai.. kalau nak kene tunggu"

I guess, no waiting for us..

We proceed to the last booth in our wishlist which is kaki novel.

TADA! one brother was proudly distributing MAID straight dari kotak like jual ikan kat pasar malam. We snatch one like it was a free Ipad.

Wait, Dicky Workshop collection! without looking at the promoter, i grabbed one and pay. Mak ai, one item and she took 4 minutes to give me the balance.

SUKUN! yes, he's there. I quicky shove him the book. He even gave fan service sketching Cupin's face at the back. So cute (i mean Cupin, not Sukun).. I'll upload the sketch later.

Total lost for the day, More than Rm.100..

Today, i'm still struggling to finish reading "maid"'s kinda FullHouse met My Lovely Samsoon

Maybe i should start saving money for the next book fair.

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