Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Counting Days!

Morning sweetpies (Eww..pepagi dah pura mesra bagai)..

Another crappy sunrise in the office minus boss. Piles of sesampah untuk dilakukan. Oh man, so lame.

Ok, remember a few months back i told you about my makan angin plan with the rest of TTB clan. We are so close to our departure date, and i can feel the Sabah breeze around me. Plus, I maneged to get my 3 days leave approved. Wow, major success.

We have paid our tabung Jalan2 fund right after bonus.. so, jangan la ade sesapa yang berkata xde duit masa nak gi bercuti.

This trip is special as this may be the last time for our Big Sis Cik Mah and Eli to hang around with beautiful me (perasa jap) muaaahahahaha. They will be the most beautifulf brides next year.Wah, so jealous okeh. and i'll be one hella bridesmaidzilla.

Back to our Trip of the year (TY), We'll meet up with Posh of The TTB clan a.k.a Aliya in KK. Kebetulan ade seminar. It's like two in one coffee.

Trip = Another reason for retails visit.

I need a new shoes since my everlast shoes sangat susah nak dilayan. A slip on sandal will be great for this kind of trip. New jacket macam best jugak.

Oh my, sangat membazir.

Okeh, Lambakan kerje yang memerlukan perhan otak tahap maksima dah memanggil. Gotta goh.

Wires all around...

See.. i'm blogwalking during luchtime


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