Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Dino!

To the one that says i'm not a preety babe...
nor i am sexy or hot.

He may not be the first but he may be the last, InsyaAllah.

He's a sensitive guy with a warm heart.

He's not a sweet-talker but he always have nice things to say.

To my Dino,


I feel bad, celebrating our anniversary alone... Again. Tapi die keje kan, nak buat macam mana.

This morning, I purposely bring my fav m book with me so that I can flip to the back cover and read the message he wrote:

Read this book as you read my life, Love this book as much as you love me, Hold this book as much as you love me..

Mushy much? Well, he's not a romantica-de-amour guy which is the sole reason why he's acting like bad soap-opera actor.

4 years ago, we were just kawan-punye-kawan. We're in the same class but never once spoken to each other.

Two years ago we're just friends with nothing in common. For me, he's just another AJIS in the Bujang Lapok trio.

A few weeks later, we became close friend. I tried to resist his charm because I wasn't ready to start a new love life. Plus, it would be embarassing for me to make the first move.

With endless support of our friends, we went for our first date. It was just a playdate. We watch movie, eat MCD.. That's it. Day by day,the feeling's getting deeper.Neither of us said the 3 words...

A week later, It was my birthday.I was waiting for his call all night. I was mad. I sent a message, asking him "Who am I?". He said that I was an important figure. I really hate being important. Before I close my damp eyes, he finally said the words and it was the greatest birthday ever.

So,that's it...That's how we became a couple.


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