Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reflecting 22 Years of My life...

Wazzup everyone,

Guess what? It's my birthday...Next week. As a freakin attention-grabber, I have all the right to announce it out loud.

Yet again, it's time for another middle age crisis for me. Being 22 in a week is a huge deal for me. People expect me to be hell more mature and wiser. Wiser? Yes. Mature? Nono..

Me being mature is like asking a 5 years old to act like a primary school kid. Get it?

And I see a few lines under my eyes. What a great add-on to my dumpling eye-bag.

Owkeh, let's end this crappy melancholic nag and settle with something more worth reading.

Yesterday, I have my breakfast with JJong at our office's cafe. Then, came our ex-boss punye boss to the scene. Let's just call him SS. He's about my daddy's age with an innocent pak-cik-orang-baik face. He's a really nice guy.

Out of the blue...

SS: Korang nak buat ape nanti?
Me: Sambung degree la tuan. Awal tahun depan la kot..
and then we started talking about life...

SS: Ape tujuan hidup korang?
Me: Errrr... (pandang muka jjong smabil cakap dalam hati "ape?")
SS: Ape tujuan korang keje?
Me & JJong: Cari rezeki la tuan..
SS: Ape sebab korang nak cari duit?
Me & JJong: Nak beli barang keperluan la tuan
SS: Kenapa nak beli barang?
Me & JJong : Nak teruskan hidup..
SS: Ape tujuan hidup?
Me & SS: errrrr
SS: Nak saya bagi time-out ke? Kamu kene tetapkan dalam hati "Hidup untuk mencari syurga"

Perggggh, baru la tersedar yang selama ni aku hidup tanpa hala tuju yang jelas.

So, to my beloved reader.. let's fix our target now. We live for a better afterlife!

He also mention that the second rule of life is to find happiness. Not a physical happiness but internal happiness.

He's such a wise man (envy that)

Next week I'll be busy with a programme. Which means, kurang masa nak berblogging bagai. Huhu


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