Friday, October 21, 2011

I'am no longer XS..Hrmmmm


This pants is tight. It fits well..a few months ago. Maybe the cruel-extra-harsh machine cleaning cause it to shrink.

Nuff said. I'm no longer XS..

Last week I was terribly busy with my company's LSA in Penang and My ex GM was there, together with JJong handsome boss (wohoho!). Kemain la kan dorang nyakat aku.

Pak Ajam: Wah, nengok tu jep...dah dudok opis ni makin tembam budak ni.
Pak Jep: Die sonang hati tue...

Senang hati la sangat kan.....Tapi nak tergelak tengok gambar Kak Su and Miss Usha

Awww.. so cute.

Sweet giler mase Usha cakap kat Baby Hakim anak Kak Su "Nanti membesar macam auntie ye". Tapi rasanya Akim akan jadi macam mummy die je. Cutie size.

BAck to my size-crisis, I have to wear black to hide my tummy... It was my first time wearing something flowy and airy and absolutely not Baju kurung. Actually, I wanna show you how I braid my shawl but no picture . So, malas la.

Pose cam featured dalam majalah Manggo..

I feel like graduating from Hogward... (Big black robe)

Adios Amigos!!!!

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