Thursday, June 2, 2011

Say Yes to Virgin!


Sila la teman2 menyekodeng OHBULAN sebelum anda membaca bebelan daku yang mungkin meleret2.. Sila..sila

Apa la nak jadi dengan dunia sekarang ni????

Ehehmm..ehemm.. daku ni bukan la baik sesangat. Tudung pon singkat, seluar pon ketat. Tapi tu x bermakna aku kena go with the flow of this era.

"An era where VIRGINITY is something we should give away like free gift"

I'm not being mean, i'm just being bold and honest. Loosing virginity is something that we should keep to ourselves..

bayangkan seorang budak sekolah yang anda kenali buat entri camni:

"I'm not a virgin and it's OK"

OMG.. What a nightmare for future parents like me!

I know that it's all about personal preference. But when it comes to underage teens, it's a nationwide issue coz having *** with a girl under the age of 16 is considered rape.

Why on earth a highschooler eager to loose her virginity? Lack of S** education?

There's no S** Education programme during our parents' teenage years but they are doing just fine.

Of course there's no use to blame this clueless teenage. Maybe she's not in a good state of mind while posting that entry.

But I'm sure, these girls (i used "these" since there a whole lot of girls thinking that having S** is OK) will surely regret what they have done...

Bloggers out there, please don't post harsh comments in any blog about this young lady. Like what i said earlier, she's "CLUELESS". What she really needs is guidance.

OMG, kenapa tetiba aku meroyan cakap omputih ni????


Peaceout everyone.. Nak sambung buat report


A/N: Silalah bapak2 polisi kasi tangkap siapa yang betangungjawab deflower ini budak... daku sangat benci pada jantan2 yang durjana sebergitu..mekacih

Jap2..nak quote sesuatu yang aku dengar tadi..

"think with your mind, not your brain!"