Tuesday, June 28, 2011

JJong's Breakup (Evil Laugh), JJung is Dating KARA's Hara


Well i guess it's not to late to show my evil laugh now coz

JJong is yet again available.

Yessss, finally. Since the very beginning, i have the instinct that this couple will never last. I mean, JJong is Mine too busy preparing for his Japanese d├ębut.

Mehh, i don't care who will be his next gilfriend but i just wish he waited till i get married firstso that i can stop having nosebleed when i saw his face.

Even if he got a new one, I still cam two-time-him with Taemin (seriously, dunno why i'm acting like a Pedo now)


I get JJong but i lost my Jjung..

Jung Hyung is now dating my sister enemy, Goo Hara.

Man, I know she's cute but why NOW.. I'm not ready for this.

Wait, since when did i like Junghyun????

Dem, i forgot I like Dongwoon..

Jungie, Sorry for being overly emo bout this..

Anyway, Haengbokkaseyo!!!!!!

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