Thursday, May 19, 2011

KPOP in a Pot - May 19

Welcome to the adulthood!

First and foremost me wanna wish my fav dongsaengs a warm welcome to the adulthood...

I can't believe i used to babysit them (in my dream)..

Back to the real business, the Beast is back. When i say Beast, I mean BEAST. Not that jaw- dropping 2PM. We can never get sick of AJ's aegyo.. I hate KBS for ending 100 out of 100. What a waste.

And the soon to be Uncle-idol is stimulating a wave of nose-bleed virus by releasing their Japanese version of Bonamana. And if you think this is not enough, try get a glimpse of The leader's solo project "Ice-Cream". What a great project name for such a sweet eye-candy.

And again, Heechul is posing like he's the director of the photoshoot..^_^.. Me lovin it!

Let's switch to a more girlicious news where i finally reunited with my fav fashionista..

Yeay, the oh-so-cutey YEH is back with another romance drama which now airing on SBS. For those who don't have access to SBS network, we can just rely on magic thing called internet.

I wonder how she maintained her fairskin? (maybe she glued snowflakes on her face..hehe)

and to wrapped up, let's have The boss's Love Bingo as our dessert!

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