Tuesday, August 16, 2011

3rd Person in Love


Mushy side of me is back which means i'm in a total outrageous mood swing. Today's topic is "3rd Person" or Orang ke-3.

Love can be 1-sided, two-sided and three-sided.

For me, it's ok to for us be the 3rd person as long as we did nothing to break the couple apart or in other words - silent watcher. During high school, i have a deep lovey-dovey feeling on my best friend who's then dated my best friend. It was such a hard time for me since he was my first love. Everytime i tried to be supportive, my heart stopped beating.

Till the very end, I did nothing to break them apart and they eventually spit. I heard the break-up news after a few months. After a few years, my best friend asked me for a date and I gladly said YES. I was really happy to finally date my first love. After the awesome date, we broke up because i'm used to be his BESTIE rather than being his girlfriend. Maybe during my 3rd-person days, my feelings towards him transformed to Bestie-love.

There are times when we don't even know or realize that we are the middle-girl. It happened to my GFF. She dated a man whom she met through a mutual friend. It was a serious mature relationship and the guy even visited her parents. He even said that he will send rombongan merisik in a few months. My GFF was having the time of her life..having a loving family, a promising job and also a caring BF.

One day, she have a bad feeling about her BF because he was busy most of the time. The guy told her he doesn't have a FB account (which was obviously doubtful). She create another account and start a search on her BF. She was shocked when she saw a picture of her BF with a lady. He even state his status as "Engaged to XXXX". She stole the picture and upload it to her FB.

The guy was pleading her to stay. He even said that he will introduce her to his fiancée. Seriously, he is such a manwhore. For him, it's just a simple matter. He can marry both. My GF was pissed and refuse to accept his apology. What's funnier, the guy said "if we can't be husband and wife, let's just be Abang-adik angkat". Double manwhore label.

I told my GFF to stay strong and it's better to know his true colur now before it's to late.

That's all for now...


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