Wednesday, August 17, 2011

SADISTIC KPOP COPY:Cinta 247 by Max24

I have to write this post in English since i'll send this to my friends in Soompi and Crunchyroll.

For those who never heard about this freakin' Ouch-some group, i'll tell you a bit on their profile.

Name: Max 24 (fomerly known as 24/7 but changed it to Max 24)
Origin: Malaysia.
Age range: 18 to 25
Members: A'ar, Jaq, Mirul, Eykal, Iym, Taamin. OB, Kim, Hans, Alloi, Virgo, Fifiey
Singles: Satu Cinta (One Love) and Cinta 247 (247 Love)

Their management claimed that they may look like a Kpop group but they are original (or in other words - THEY ARE NOT A CLONE). they also claim that dance is universal, so there's no such things as J-Pop dance and K-pop dance.

I'm a kpop fangirl and i support other K-pop style group (e.g: K-otic) if they have talents. But I dunno why I cannot help but to hate this group. Their songs are so-so, their dance are weak, the formation is poor and they don't have Aegyo!

When i watch their MV, it was a clear statement that they wanna be KPOP Group. So, I made these pics to show you what they got (or what they copy..hehe)

OK, Let's just pretend to notice that they are ORIGINAL...

I'm not Anti-Malaysian Artist... I love Ziana Zain, 4U2c, KRU and bla..bla. But I seriously think that this group need to recondsider labeling themselves as M-pop group.

* Credit to:,, & for the pics.

** Dun forget to watch their MV in youtube.

*** M-Pop is the term used to simplify Malaysian Pop


  1. fifie yg rapping tu classmate kite masuk f4 & f5. hahaha, layaaannn je laa. ;p

  2. @rena.Seriously? he gave me such a great LOL last nite. Biler tgk mv ni rase cam nak benam muka dalam bantal sebab Ouch-some giler

  3. ouhh..its such a gud grup..but sadly they dont know what the means wif independent..