Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Easy English: Paraprosdokian???

I believe that my blog can be something more than just a platform for my daily nags. So, i decided to post something educating in weekly basis.I'm not into beauty, cosmetic, girly thingy and that's the reason why my blog is filled with ugly pics T_T. Nothing suits me better than English, Comics and Music.

I'm not a good English speaker but i do use English most of the time.

Our first English Lesson will be on PARAPROSDOKIAN or in my own bahasa pasar "Ayat mencabar minda"

Due to my "minah-blur" personality, i was always a victim of typical LAWAK BODOH (Grrr..).

Example: What is the sexiest animal ever?
Answer: Zebra
Rational: When you un-zip(Zeb) it, it will reveal it's bra

OMG, you call that LAWAK?'

Why do people goof around using LAWAK BODOH when AYAT MENCABAR MINDA is around.

What is Paraprosdokian? It is a figure of speech in which the latter part of the sentence is surprising enough to cause the reader to re-interpret the sentence again.

These are my favourite Paraprosdokian

1. To steal ideas from a person is plagiarism but to steal from many is research - A great sentence for Uitm students. Whenever you feel guilty to steal your friends idea, just copy from the internet... Done that!

2. Some causes happiness when they come. Other? Whenever they go - It's a fact. I hate a bitch so much that i wish she was never met her. Man, she's such a nuisance.

3. Behind every successful man is a woman. Behind the fall of a successful man is always another woman (or women) - 2 words, one person.... Tiger Woods!

During my college days, my friends enjoy breaking the rules (chewing gum, FB-ing during lectures, bla..bla..bla). One day, they went swimming in a fish pond behind our hostel. They posted pics of them swimming like dolphins in FB. A friend of mine commented "Hey, there's a NO SWIMMING AND FISHING signboard". I replied to him, saying that it's OK since the signboard forbid Swimming AND Fishing.

Paraprosdokian lesson is perfect for those who enjoy being sadistic and sarcastic..just like me :P I hope you enjoy this lesson.


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