Monday, August 22, 2011

It's been 6 Years...


6 years ago, I was just another girl who on weekend asked for 2 Ringgit from my father to buy jajan from Uncle Roti.

It was 6 years ago....

My late Ayah is a wonderful man with a clear point of view. All things will be done his way. Blame it on his military training T_T.

He's a serious man who hate to have his picture taken, which clearly explained why i don't have his picture hanging in my room. The only picture of him i have with me is a scanned copy of his IC. I just adore his Blonde-super-saiyan hair.

I wish he was there when I received my SPM result. I wish he gave me flowers during my graduation. And I wish he was there when I brought my first car...

The thing i regret most in my life is the fact that i rarely spent time with him during my high school days. I was busy with my school activities while he was busy being the bread-winner. I was such a fool..

The last time he appeared in my dream was in January, a few days before my grandma passed away. He was visiting me with a big smile his face. we were having a father-daughter catching-up moment when he said he must go. I asked him why..

"Dad have an important thing to do. Dad can't stay here for long"

After that, he vanished...

I wish i can see him in my dream again so that i can tell him that i'm doing great and he got nothing to worry about..and

Thanks for being my such a great Dad.

* A tribute to my father who passed away on 20th Aug 2006 due to heart failure.

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