Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Toe Hurts Badly

Hey guys!

Having a great weekend, huh? Not me! My enjoyable weekend is off... officially.

I accidentally kick mummy's steel bed and my left leg is swollen. My mothertoe is now painted green & blue (darah beku) and it's hard for me to walk around. Running is almost impossible.

I went to my fav doctor in Bachang and he said that if the pain continues till monday, they need to remove Darah Beku from my toe. I asked him how will they do it. He simply said:

"saya akan tebuk kuku awak.. keliling darah beku tu. Pastu kite remove part yang cover darah tu and took out the clotting blood. Cara ni lagi berkesan dari makan pain killer"

When i heard the work Tebuk-remove-darah, i was speechless. Terus dizzy. Fobia sudah mari. In the end, he prescribed 4 type of mediacation for me; Antibiotic, Tahan sakit, Bengkak and tegang urat.


I can't show you my toe. Believe me, it's painfull.

Got MC....

I won't be able to wear sandals or shoes. A normal selipar jamban will be great for healing.

My advise: Don't kick a steel rod, even if you have Taekwondo skill... fullstop.

Wish me a speed recovery.


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