Monday, December 26, 2011

Year-End Review: Bubbye 2011

Tadaaaaa! Year end is approaching in a speed of light. Semestinya masa ni la nak ber-mood-swing (middle age crisis) mengenangkan diriku yang kian tua..heheh. Today, mari kita me-review my 2011 resolutions.

Last year beta upload kat FB


Target 1: Success.Berjaya dengan jayanya. Thanks to Secret Recipe for seducing me with their delicious cakes. Not to forget gerai ayam siber kegemaranku.

Target 2: Success. Semestinya.... 

Target 3: Errrrr... Boleh2 la.

Target 4: On-going. So, no comment.

Target 5: Success. Plus, i bought an oh-so-ohsome car for myself. He's so cute and i named it COCO.

I'm still thinking hard on my future new year resolution. Luckily I still have a few days to do so.

And now, let's review on UP&DOWN issues of the year


1. New workplace
2. New house
3. Manage to get driving license & a car
4. Owhsome bonus.. $$$$$$
5. TTB Goes to Sabah after tonnes of crisis
SUPER UP: Cik Mah and my sis are engaged. of course, not to each other.


1. Anniversary nightmare
2. Awe-fool birthday
3. Scratched COCO in less than 24 hours driving it
4. Baby Q R.I.P
5. Nenek & Mak Long meninggal

Tapi secara overall, it was a good year for myself. Alhamdulillah.

Rasanya dah banyak sangat membebel. So, masa untuk puteri tidor untuk beradu. Bubye...

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