Friday, December 16, 2011

The Zon - Part 2

Hari ni xbanyak benda nak cerita. Kebetulan plak Syafiq upload gambar LSA. That's it.

Layan je la gambar2 ni..

Going green

I look freakin old

That baby is actually 6 months old.. SHe's so tiny

Our corporate look

I'm bout to cry..mummyyyyy!

I'm sulking like a kid.. big nose!

I'm fat... am I?

I like this pic.. coz i look much slimmer. Konon la.

Cool guys from Sepahtu

Deadly happy face of kipas-susah-mati
I just love Jep


Grinning like an idiot

With the ever-so charming Hattan

hahah.. teruk betul muka aku.

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